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Reiki, Herbs, Crystals, Oh My!

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Reiki, Herbs, Crystals, Oh My!
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Straight out of the history books, Everything we offer is fact based and true to nature.

Feel Free To Join Us...

There will be no membership papers or dues. There won't be much of anything you will have to buy. If you want the books we use and talk about, then buy yourself one.

If not, don't! It is entirely up to you. Should you want to receive instruction in becoming a Reiki Master, I would strongly advise you to read up on what Reiki is...FIRST! It is very hard coming into a new 'field' and fitting right in.

I have had so many individuals get upset with themselves because they just did not understand 'something' and walk away from Reiki...Only to return after going to the library or to a healing practitioner for a chat and test drive.

I do not lend nor do I borrow books. My crystals, herbs, books, incenses, oils, etc. are mine and are infused with MY lifeforce...ME! Therefor, I would again advise you to purchase your materials and do not lend them to anyone.

They are for your use, to heal you and to heal others when used by you.

What YOU Must Have...

...An Open Mind
...A Willingness To Learn

There will be no 'adult' content, comments or anything of this nature as we do have many MINOR members. This is a family site! I can and will ban your IP address if you post comments that inflict pain on others in any way.

Keep it clean. We have much to learn and offer one another.

Benefits of Joining

You will have a new understanding about how the mind-body-spirit interacts with all things in this Universe.

You will learn about different forms and types of Reiki.

You will learn crystal and gemstone methods of healing for yourself and others.

You will learn many things. I am hoping I can learn many things from you also.

If we do not learn something new each day...we have wasted a good day!

MYSTIC SPIRIT GROTTO * P.O. Box 1051 * Scottsbluff, NE * USA * 69361